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Food illustration as delicious as your favorite meals

While kids at his age played soccer and dreamed about being Pelé, a young Lovatto spent hours drawing indoors, to the delight and relief of his mother, who always cooked a yummly Steak parmigiana. Today his art is heavily inspired by the experimental cuisine emerging from a chaotic and cosmopolitan São Paulo. Welcome to Lovatto's world.

Curation and trusteeship
Estefani Medeiros

Branding and art direction
Pedro Rosa

Where juicy badass burguers, charming milkshakes and psycho crispy bacons comes to life

Lovatto’s portfolio includes works for a brewery, a brazilian bacon festival, a canadian meat restaurant, a british burguer joint and a fucking Tarantino inspired snack bar (thank you Big Kahuna Burger to allow the illustration in his printed portfolio).


Books, walls and magazine illustrations

Lovatto’s versatile drawings can be found also in big brazilian publications such as Rolling Stone, brazilian GQ, Época and kids magazine Recreio. With an experimental eye, he explores the pencil and ink possibilities in walls, posters, t-shirts and furniture. The following cover art is a work to Época São Paulo, one of the most important Brazilian weekly magazines. The first one is the artist version (also approved by the magazine) and the second one is the editor’s choice.


Illustration for Willamette Week, newspaper from Portland (USA). Theme: Cheers to Belgian Beers Festival.

Quentin Tarantino’s characters in the Big Kahuna Burguer wall.

Furniture partnership with Studio Curi.

Illustration for Big Kahuna Burger’s, burger restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo: Thiago Maziero and Denise Guerschman

T-shirt print for Guia do Hambúrguer, the largest Brazilian website about burgers.

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